Q & A

 How old are you ?

I am 23 years old 

Where do you live ? 

New York is my home state <3 

What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream before anything is to have my mom travel around the world with me 

Another big dream would be to work for the United Nations and have my own clothing line/ brand. 

Do you work out if you do whats your routine? 

I've always been an active person and I use to work out every single day, 6 times a week, lifting heavy but after getting injured I stopped working out for a long time . I work out again but I don't really have a routine like I use too  I just try to stay active as much as possible. 

Favorite city to travel? 

Dominican Republic of course its my home is where all my family is I just love it out there 

What inspires you daily and is there anything recently that has happen in your life or around the world that has added extra inspiration to you ?

YOU GUYS! the ones who are always supporting, showing love it inspires me everyday to keep on going.  Also the children I build a relationship with their pure hearts and souls inspire me all the time and my very own home, my family wanting to explore the world and wanting my family to experience it with me. 

What makes you grateful for life?

Life itself.. 

How are you able to make it happen to travel? do you need a lot of money ? 

Probably the question I get asked the most, Its all about setting goals and saving accordingly.   Anyone can do it!  I know we all have responsibilities and some of us like myself are students having to worry about school tuition, rent etc but you just have to try to set goals for your self start off with  where you want to go, when you want to go, check for possible deals online and start saving as much as you can it can be $10 a day or $75 dollars a week  save what you can it will all be worth it at the end. Traveling is one thing that will make you richer. 

Kayak and Expedia always has great deals on flights and hotels and are really good with informing customers when's the best time to book a certain trip you have been looking at

Hope this was helpful let me know what other things you guys would like to see me post Thank you for your questions Much love

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