Niños con Bendicion, (Children with Blessing) I couldn't pick out a more perfect name for this project. These children are a true blessing not only to their families and their community but to us the volunteers. It's such an honor to be apart of their lives and seeing the incredible human beings they are becoming. The way the children treat each other with so much love, care, honesty and patience no matter the age. You can just tell they all love each other and look after one other always. You can see how grateful they are for the little things they do have and how willing they are to give up something they really want for their younger friends or siblings, and at their age this speaks volumes. 

"Children with Blessing" was created in 2006, by Lesbi Chavez and her husband Juventino so that children from their village of San Antonio Aguas Calientes could receive a quality education, while strengthening their own cultural and familial ties. The name Niños Con Bendicion came about one night when Lesbie had a dream from God about her owning a project for children. She didn't have enough finances to start her own project but she just started taking in the children from around the village with the little bit that she did have in her own home. Soon, she saw the amount of support, blessings and how their project just started flourishing after following their dream and decided to call it " Niños con Bendicion" . Lesbie mentioned to me once "it is beautiful how when you have nothing and put God in charge of your life and your needs, He multiplies it in ways you could not imagine " 

It's so beautiful to see her love for the children and volunteers like as if they were her very own. She is so beautiful, wise and strong and brings so much light in the most troubling circumstances. You can just tell how grateful she is for any little thing that she knows the children will love and that's exactly why I have made it my mission to continue to help them long term.

Financial support for the group comes from yearly school sponsorship for every child, calendar sales, donations of any amount and other fund raising endeavors. Thanks to sponsorship, the children are enrolled in local schools during the day, and with donations, receive a nutritious afternoon snacks and after school support services Monday through Friday.

100% of all donations and sponsorships go directly into the children's general education fund, which includes, but is not limited to, school supplies, computer and English teachers, internet access, and food.

For more information on how to sponsor a child go to 

Also if you would like to get involved in volunteering at Niños Con Bendicion feel free to contact them or me for more information on how to get involved <3