GUATEMALA ! Such a phenomenal country filled with such rich beautiful culture and people. 

    When planning my trip to Guatemala I had the privilege of collaborating with Stela 9. I have been following them for a while now and I just love their spectacular one of a kind pieces you know you can't find anywhere else. Those who don't follow their amazing page already (@Stela_9) Stela 9 HQ is a boutique located in Antigua, Guatemala and each of their items are handmade by some of the best skilled artisans here in Guatemala. They are known for doing great work with helping the local artisans so it has been a true honor to have had the opportunity to share their story and see these beautiful pieces for myself.

  Guatemala is a developing country which makes it difficult for the local artisans in Guatemala to have access to education, finances, and supplies. Each artisan here in Guatemala makes everything handmade by weaving which can take up to 2 weeks - 4 months depending on the product.  Technology is growing fast everything now a days seems to be made in a matter of seconds by a machine. It is absolutely beautiful how each and every one of these talented men and women make their clothing with so much passion, love, and patience. They truly love what they're doing and take so much pride in their beautiful pieces. Not many people use Mayan clothing anymore as much as before but Stela 9 has done such an amazing job working with the local artisans here in Guatemala recycling textiles and modernizing these beautiful works of art. By purchasing an item at Stela 9 not only will you have one of a kind pieces, your purchase will contribute to the livelihood and sustainability of the indigenous communities these amazing items come from. Empowering these men and women means empowering a community <3 

A big huge THANK YOU to Stela 9 for giving me the opportunity to stop by and check out their amazing pieces and being able to meet the amazing staff behind it all. Such an amazing company with an amazing team of people.

To read more behind their story and buy these amazing pieces go to and YES They ship worldwide <3

Also a huge thank to my beautiful friend Zoe who joined me and took these amazing photos she has been my roomate these past few days and we just became the bestest friends from the moment we met. Love you so much Zoe ! 

and I love all of you reading this <3 Much love