THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE !!!! I can not believe I am in Amsterdam @ 1 p.m waiting to start boarding to go to Ghana, Africa.

I want to start off by thanking everyone who helped me with making this trip possible . Thank you to my loving family and friends who not only donated but shared my campaign and who used their words of wisdom and encouragement. To my sweet co wokers who donated school supplies to give to my students and to YOU! For those who went above and beyond just to make sure this trip could be possible and that I would be able to give my students so much more.

My heart is so full with the amount of love and support I have gotten since i started planning this trip in February 2015. A place I wanted to go to eversince I was in junior high school is finally becoming reality and with a purpose. A purpose to serve, love,teach and care for children . One of the main reasons I made my blog was to be able to share this new journey and I thought it would be a good way to show those who have helped me how no matter how big or small they gave they were able to impact and help someone half way across the world. We are all in this journey together and it's not about the amount you give that matters what matters is the heart behind it. If it wasnt for the help, love and support from all of you half the things I plan to do for my students wouldnt even be possible! So thank you once again everyone from the bottom of my heart this truly means the world to me.

Since i wont be staying for very long my goal is to continue helping my students when im back home. Cant wait to keep you guys posted on what i have planned. This is only the beginning :) #THEBESTISYETTOCOME

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